Why tins?

Variety of shapes

They attract by shape, size and unique design. They meet the needs of growing market and are the relevant element of every household. The promotional tins are practical, persistent and useful products in house of every consumer. Their „second life” builds commitment and loyalty to the brand.

The variety of technical solutions which can be use during production process allows making the tin in every shape, size and lid. Metal ductility enables precise and aesthetic representation of even the most unusual shapes and embossments. Production technology gives the ability to „play” with finish and allows combining metal with wood, leather or plastic. Another refinement is varnish which gives the appearance of the premium product.

Variety of implementations

The promotional tins are a great support for each advertising campaign and are successful in many businesses. They emphasize the unique nature of the product making it visible among the competitive articles. By using them the FMCG companies can increase the worth of their products. This strategy is used mainly by the producers of coffee, tea or spices.

The tin is also ideal solution for storing of friable products, which remain fresh and good tasting much longer in this type of packages.

Perfect gift

Metal packages can be used also in business of alcoholic beverages. Every bottle of urbane drink packed in an elegant tin becomes a great gift for almost any occasion.

Thanks to the tins the chocolates and other sweets becomes a great gift. Similar in jewellery or clothes business. Tins are there an exclusive addition esposing the high value of the product. Thanks to them an elegant tie, wallet or watch becomes a desirable gift.

Also cosmetic, medical and toy businesses cannot do without promotional tins.

Endless recycling

Metal alloys used in production of tins are friendly to the enviromnent. As a secondary raw materials are fully recyclable. Thanks to the recovery of material from used tins the recycling can be endless.