There are countless ways to guarantee the unique character of the tin. The hanlde made form metal, leather or decorated with beads, the hanlde in shape of metal ball, chain or cord are just some of more interesting proposals. Each tin can be also covered by special layer of mat varnish, its body can be perforated, what allows to achieve the effect of openwork trim.

The elements made from plastic or PVC are another interesting solution. Transparent window allows to check the unique content of tin. It can be also ornamented by additional decorations like imitation of snowing.

The embossment is completely different category of tin finishing. There is a possibility to make an embossment on whole surface of tin, to emphasise its unique shape, or only on the chosen elements like logo, name or titles.

The power of embossment is possible because of the ductility and liquid character of metal. This allows to form it in many ways and create the elegant and special products.